Guild Esports (GILD) - Not up to date

Do we know why this stock is always not up to date?

It seems to lag a lot behind all my other holdings, also takes a long time to execute orders.

Yea tell me about it.

When it comes to small cap UK stocks, 212 just flop.

I just set a limit buy and hope or the best.

Price alerts dont even alert sometimes! I had a price alert on Mode today, saw the price go above and below the alert price haha

find myself googling the stock from time to time :rofl:

Yeah, that’s a good idea…

How are you finding your experience with the stock? From what I see in the news the organisation is making positive moves every week at the moment!

Whats this teams track record? Seems very risky investment to me. What games they participate in? They have no revenue according to app?

They are still very very new. At the moment its mostly Fortnite and Valorant. Although personally I would love them to enter the Call of Duty scene.

I was more drawn to the staff they brought on board, everyone talks about David Beckhams involvement but they also brought in Fergus Purcell (legendary London illustrator) & Carleton Curtis (previously involved in Overwatch League and Call Of Duty League).

It seems they are strengthening their talent pool by the week, and have also just started some kind of sponsorship from Subway, They have been successful in some Fortnite tournaments recently too.

Thanks for your reply. I wonder if we could get access to some big names like. Team Liquid, TSM, Fnatic