Please can we add: Guild Esports (gild)

Hello :wave:t4:

Can we please add (GILD) to Trading212 :pray:t3:

How long do stocks take to add usually?
Are there any other steps I need to do in order to request it?

Would be forever thankful. Love the esports



I requested this over 20 days ago, and yet no reply or indication that they will do it! I have also just requested The Very Good Food Company! Will see whether they actually listen! :man_shrugging:t5:

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How can they add it?

wondering how we can get this viewed by an admin or something…

does freetrade have this on there platform?

I am not sure, don’t think so. I know ‘Hargreaves and Lansdown’ do so I may just have to go and buy there

GUILD has been added! :smiley: