Hammerson dividend discrepancy

Just checked my recent dividend payment (paid as PID) and turns out I’ve been paid 0.02p per share instead of 0.2p per share. That is 10 times less than what it should be. The 20% witholding UK tax (which I wasn’t aware of until I saw it laid out in the RNS for both UK and SA shareholders) makes it 0.16p net. Looks like I’ve been instead paid @0.016p per share. Anyone else experienced this? This is after the fact that we didn’t get to participate in the enhanced scrip dividend alternative. Customer chat agent has said he’d escalate this further

Yeah I’ve experienced that. Haven’t had the scrip dividend either, is that something we should also get @Team212

T212 apparently doesn’t do share divi distribution yet so all of us were given cash divi instead. @0.2p per share we should be paid @0.16p per share after the 20% tax witholding. You should escalate it if you have been underpaid. Haven’t had any issue with other dividend payments. Hopefully this was just a one-off.

Mine was paid yesterday and withdrawn a few hours ago so I assume they’re correcting this.

The guy I was talking to in the chat kept saying (after confirming the paymemt amount and date on his screen) that I had been paid correctly @0.12p per share (on the 4th) when that’s not even the right amount. Only after I showed him the breakdown of the figures and mentioned the RNS figures, he said he’d help me escalate it.

You talking about Hammerson PLC property divident? I got p0.02 per share :confused:
So i’m off it seems too if what u say should been p0.2

Soemone posted about this in another topic - looks like the team is on it already.

I brought up the amount discrepancy there and opened a new topic on the same. Till then, the issue was only about t212 users not having the option to apply for scrip divi in form of shares. Glad that they are doing something about it. My investment is tiny compared to many out there. Imagine if you were a big fish expecting say £1000 and getting instead £100. Lol

So I’ve just received another dividend from HMSO and I’m now even more confused.

The first dividend was 0.02p per share and now this new one is 1.66p per share.

Could someone from T212 explain exactly what has happened? @Team212

Seems now they payed too much no? Got same 1.66p now

New year gift…