Will I have option to participate in the Hammerson Enhanced Scrip Dividend

As the title says I am wondering if I will have the option to participate in the latest hammerson enhanced scrip dividend? Thankyou

Hi, was there ever a response to this? I asked and asked and asked through the chat and got nothing back from T212 - still no idea if we defaulted to cash or they elected scrip for us.

I spoke to somebody on chat the other day and the response was that they had no information on it! Not really the response I was looking for. So anyone that holds hammerson shares with trading 212 didn’t get an option and will default to standard dividend. Not happy because I wanted to take up the scip offer which was more beneficial imo

Unfortunately, we currently don’t have the functionality of stock dividend allocation. Nevertheless, we’re working on implementing it. Meanwhile, each dividend will be distributed in cash.

No problem thanks for letting us know :+1:

Do you know when we will get the dividend?

Yes, you’ll get the proceeds at the latest by the end of the week.

Ah great, Thanks @Martin!

Hey @Martin any update on this payment?

I just checked the dividend amount. Turns out I was paid 0.02p per share instead of 0.2p. That’s 10 times less than what we are owed. I’m currently chatting with customer care chat. He’s taking quite a bit of time to check the amount paid. Make sure to check people.

Just had a look and I have also been paid 0.02p per share. What answers did you from trading 212? So that’s a double whammy. Not offered the scrip and not paid the right amount.

That matter is being taken care of. A correction will be applied shortly.

Same here, hammerson div was 0.02p, so all good that t212 knows issue is working on it.

Now saw 1.66p compensation, isint that much now?:confused: confused now. I trust T212 will sort it correct

Hello there, I still did not recieved the dividend and I have more 12000 eligible shares for this dividend, does anybody have the same problem ? I chat with customer support and they basicaly didn’t tell me anything. I’ve seen that some of you guys recieved 1.66p per share now but I still didn’t get nothing.

I have sent you a personal message with more details regarding the matter.