Something wrong with dividend received

i received a dividend from 2 shares of Realty income and i think there is something wrong. When i go to seeking alpha i see that the declared dividend was 0.233$ per share. And im wondering why here it says its 0.20$ per share. (I know about the 15% tax but this seems to be a problem on the numbers pre tax)

Hey @Athanasios - you are correct. Pre-tax dividend is 0.233$ per share and after taxation of 15%,
it becomes: 0.233$ x 0.85 = 0.198$, which rounds up to 0.20$ per share. The amount per share shows what you are given.

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With all these dividend questions - when will we receive a propper printout without rounding, with exact gross amount, exact tax witheld and currency conversion rate?


T212 - can we at least get YES / MAYBE / NO if we’ll receive a propper tax info by the end of year.

By this I mean for each dividend received in year 2020:

  • total gross amount in foreign currency (not rounded)
  • total tax paid in foreign currency (not rounded)

So for example, the above payout for Realty Income that would be:

  • $0.466 (ie. 2 * $0.233)
  • $0.0699 (15% of $0.466)

I’ve asked this several times, but I didn’t get an answer. I’m impressed by T212 app and everthing, but instead on focusing on “pies”, you should first fix basic stuff, because I just can’t send the picture like above to my local (Slovenia) tax office as “proof of foreign tax paid”.

For now I’ve suspended buying new stocks that pay dididends because of this and if I don’t get a YES soon, I’ll just have to liquidate everything and choose a broker (I won’t name it) that has much more complicated app and is not free (charge me for a printout - I would pay !!!) but at least provides a printout that’s acceptable and you don’t have to explain that $0.20 is actually $0.233 - $0.03495 == $0,19805 and that’s close to $0.20.

So … please - just an answer.


Considering that T212 is very prompt with answers to different questions, even explaining over and over again that “Amount per share” is post-tax dividend rounded, it seems that the obvious answer is NO.

Makes me wonder why T212 is obviously not willing to provide such basic data that is much needed as tax proof?

@pingme I’ll look into this & get back to you by tomorrow.

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@pingme We’re making some changes but they won’t affect historical dividends (such as this one) - so in short, no.
Still, we’ll try to make sure that in a few months, all dividends will be reported as accurately as possible.

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@pingme were you able to communicate to FURS that a part of tax of your dividends has already been paid and that you only need to pay the remaining tax (for US companies 12,5%)?

I am a fellow Slovenian and am also concerned with the missing information about the taxes already paid on my dividends. Our tax on dividends is already very high and of course I have no motivation to pay full tax on my dividends when part of the tax has already been paid.

Thank you in advance!
Lep pozdrav,

I closed all my positions and opened an account on different broker. It’s “fishy” that T212 is ignoring such an important issue.
As far as FURS … we’ll see it they’ll accept T212 printscreens and my own calculations based on public data.


Damn, was hoping there will be good news. It seems I will have to do the same…
T212 is nice in the sense that they have a clean UI and simple app. Unfortunately no UI or app will outweigh having to pay full tax on dividends that have already been taxed.

Thanks for taking the time to reply! Hvala in upam, da FURS ne bo kompliciral.

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@David any updates about if we will have better dividend reports before 2020 ends?