Have you got a vanguard pension?

Hello all, does any of you have a vanguard pension? and if so how are you finding it? Anyone else with some knowledge on vanguard pensions please comment. I am looking at switching to one potentially. Thanks all and have a great week with gains :+1:t2:

Yes, I do. But I haven’t switched mine, just opened a new SIPP. That’s because my existing pension is local government… One of the good ones. I like that Vanguard has low fees, sets out the risk 4/7, 5/7 etc and the fees, which are low cost. My first year is free. HMRC add 20% on top of what I put in… No brainer!! If you want to SWITCH funds after buying, there is a £7.50 dealing fee. But to make a payment and investment is fee free. I’ve gone for the targeted fund as my main, but also others to spread the risk. Be aware that there are only Vanguard based investments so you don’t get the full breadth of the market. I went for it due to low management fees and the reputation. :blush:

Sounds great thanks for your information and comments! Do you know anything about nest pension? I want to move it from nest to vanguard pension but nest are saying online that I wouldn’t receive my employer contribution and tax relief? Do you know if that is true or not? Thanks Isabella :+1:t2::grin:

Hello, I’ve only just seen this, sorry! Well, with a SIPP you DO get tax relief when you add to it. However, a SIPP is a self-invested product so you won’t get employer contributions. With the boost from HMRC though, it still works out well. For every £100 I put in, HMRC add £20. Of course, you won’t see the benefits in your pay packets… It’s more a long term thing. :blush: