Is there a possibility of a T212 pension platform (SIPP)

Is there any news if T212 will consider adding a SIPP (pension) to their platform? At present, I use AJ Bell but its a £9.50 for even trade each way so £19.00 to buy and sell plus an admin fee (I paid over £100 last year). I see Vanguard has added a pension option just recently. Just curious if this is even on the radar…


Yes, we plan to introduce SIPP accounts but we can’t commit to a deadline. Realistically it should be live in 6-12 months from now.

We want to perfect and add depth to our current services before adding new ones.


Thanks Alex for this update. I look forward to see how this develops. Vanguard seems very good so far, though limited to their funds of course and thay are pushing their “Which” best buy on TV I see. I did not like their min £500 lump sum or £100 per mth entry barriers but I don’t understand the cost to set a SIPP up for providers so maybe it is fair filter. Anyhow I like what T212 is doing keep up the great work…

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@AlexK if it has the option to transfer shares without converting to cash, I’ll transfer my SIPP the day you launch it.

cant wait for it