Hedging against currency risk - How to?

Hi guys,

I’m new around here. All of my stocks are US-listed, meaning I will have to convert GBP to USD when buying and selling. I’ve noticed that the returns I’m making on the stocks I bought when the $ was stronger against the £ are being reduced by high single digit number!

How do you go about hedging against currency risk? One possible approach would be to invest more in UK-listed stocks vis-a-vis US-listed stocks. However, none of the premium investment services I subscribe to (Motley Fool US, Seeking Alpha) cover UK-listed companies in detail and I am not sure I’d be interested in them either. I am invested in the FTSE All Share through an ETF, but that’s it.

Another option is to just keep buying and forget about it. The difference in currency rates will smooth out over time.