HelloFresh [HFG]

Berlin-based meal-kit company. It would make a great addition to T212’s offering.


I’d.like to see this too.

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Requested over a month ago. Hopefully they will add it this month!


Apologies, missed t’other thread. I’m sure it won’t be long before it’s added: T212’s doing a first-rate job of listening to clients and trying to give them what they want insofar as it’s possible.

+1 for HelloFresh.

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Morning @David and team. If you can add ETR:HFG (HelloFresh) to the queue, that would be appreciated.

Big +1 for me! :slight_smile:


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In hindsight, I should’ve gone with a thread title like: ‘Urgent: Please add essential stock with huge upside potential and very little downside risk – MAHOOSIVE gains!’

If only I could change it for a laugh :laughing:

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I’m sure you can still. Should be an edit icon next to the title.

I’d also recommend adding “before it’s too late”… :wink: