How many of our stock requests have been listed recently

Has anybody had any of their own stock requests actually been added?

Did u receive a message from @Team212 to advise or did u have to keep searching to find?

Just curious on all these requests that I keep reading. :thinking:

217 or so were added last week. There’s another batch being finalised this week.

You’ll need to be patient.

I think you’ve misunderstood my question.

I’m asking the requestees, of new stocks to be added of their particular stock, been added and if so have they been notified directly.

If some have been added last week of the 206 new stocks then great but I wanted feedback or is everyone wasting their time whilst trading212 are loading up their own stocks firstly and then the requested stocks added at a later date.

@Scouse1981 If you look at other posts in the “Stocks & ETFs requests” section, some posts have a message from last week confirming that they were being added.

See a few examples:
I do not know if this was done for all of the ones added.

Look for posts in that subsection of the forum with more than 1 reply and the final reply from like Wednesday/Thursday/Friday of last week, quite a few of tem have replies from the @Team212 confirming that they were being added, as you can see in the posts above.

I guess that they are going in chronological order but I do not know if that is the case or if they have additional criteria, you may want to ask someone from the team (if so tag/mention them) though I imagine that there is a post somewhere stating the order/method.
What I can say is that there are many posts from last week confirming that the stock being requested in that thread would be available on T212 shortly, I personally have not checked to see if they are already on the platform as none of them were any of the ones that I have been analysing lately/requesting, but I imagine that they have been added :smiley:

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Thanks for ur reply…

Its great some have been added and I hope all outstanding requests are implemented with the same urgency.

Member of team is sending replies on posts with stocks which been added at least that’s how it was in my case

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