Help! Really need help to get started

Can someone help me with a good idea exactly where I can put £1000 a month into with good returns over ten years something I can put money into and forget about for this time , I’ve looked and looked and there’s so many different things people are saying and I don’t understand which is best or how to do it ?

generally if you are confused what to buy etc. then an index ETF is the answer as it’s diversified and covers most things so you don’t feel you are missing out, also the fees are the lowest. either EQQQ or VUSA are good ones.

Very difficult question, and if any of us knew the right answer, we’d be rich people.

Over that time, the only thing that has that kind of historic precedence, are ETFs built around the S&P and NASDAQ, I think that’s it.

As a more riskier approach, I would suggest a physical commodity ETF, such as Gold or Silver

Hi thanks for the reply , would you recommend s and p 500 too? And would you recommend just having them 3 in a pie and just put money in every week?

VUSA is the S&P500, it’s the closest one to the US based SPY ETF which tracks the S&P (T212 cannot list SPY though due to regulations).

VUSA or EQQQ. Both have no stamp and I believe both pay dividends too.

EQQQ Top 100
IITU S&P Tech focus

Thanks sounds good I will look into these , really appreciate the help

Also VUSA has a fee of 0.03% whereas EQQQ has 0.30% or in other terms EQQQ will charge you 10x more then VUSA.Might not seem a lot at £1k but at £50k there is a big difference…

Charges ? I didn’t know you got charged

all ETFs have charges but you might not notice them, basically the price of the ETF reduces slightly each day, how much it will reduce will depend on how high the charges are.

It’s not necessary need to be “rich” to know the correct answer.

Each of us knows that a broad world ETF and maybe S&P500 are completely enough to beat around 80% of all world investors and have a diversified and low risky portfolio. As pointed dozens of times by Buffett, Lynch and other investors gurus.

The point is that we always want to gain more, be in the average is “bad”, so we start to pick stocks to try to beat the market and increase our average return year after year.