Help with CFD Swap Costs

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have been investing and day trading on T212 for a few months now. I am thinking of buying a reasonable sum of CFDs to hold for around 2/3 months.

My understanding of swap costs is that the cost per night is the value stated under the instrument details multiplied the position size.

For example let’s say I have a CFD position with the following spec

Position size: 25
Long swap cost: -0.0857
Cost per night: -2.1425

This would be the cost debited to my account each night that I have the position open with some variability based on dynamic swap costs.

Is my understanding correct? I would greatly appreciate some help!

That’s correct, and 3 times that over the 3 nights of a weekend. About 25x7x0.0857 per week charged in the same currency as the instrument is priced.

Thanks! Do you know if the fee is subtracted from the position or from the free funds?

It is taken from free funds.