Forex cfd trading

Does a cfd forex position overnight/over weekend incur any fees?

Or can I just hold as long as I like?

Thank you

Sorry about the noob question. Still learning to forex trade

You pay a swap fee. You can see the fee in the info panel. See this example for EUR/USD:

Thank you @chantal

I see, thats a percentage of my position size and not fixed correct?

It is based on a certain amount of units. I guess it is per 1 unit. So if you trade a quantity of 1000, you have to do the amount x 1000. Long position swap would be around 0,02.

not 0,2 because of 1:10 leverage?

This is a pretty good resource to learn forex trading:


Could be… @Team212 could explain this bit better. Most of the time I don’t take a look at it, because my profits are bigger than the swap fee. If you would pay 20 cents fee and you close your position with 15 euro profit, those 20 cents are peanuts.

Ofc, I am ‘trading’ with very little just to get a feel for it, thanks a lot for the link suggestion, looks awesome! I wonder if there is a paywall :smile:

Babypips is free AFIAK. is also a good resource.

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Whilst trading on CFDs there is a 0.5% currency conversion charge as well as an interest for holding a position open overnight.

Please refer to the Trading Conditions page on our website for further details.