Hide pie instruments(stocks) from investments tab

still waiting for this, still not sure why pie positions are there since you cant close than outside pie anyway, but damn more pies you have more useless open positions tab becomes :smiley:

Android and web version have this feature for a while. No clue about iOS though, but i think it does too.

this is about invesment tab, nevermind then. need to bump another topic :slight_smile:

Screenshot what you mean then?

I mean open positions in advanced view in webui, it could use same filter

Well, the WebView has the same filter?


If you could please clarify with a screenshot… The only “Open Position” tab i know of is from the CFD account, which doesn’t have Pies.

What am I missing here?

advanced view is trading preference that can be toggle in settings of web client, it replaced watchlists, it has list of all open positions with much more details that portfolio instruments provide, but is missing way to filter out pie positions

but since advanced is not part of mobile, guess not many use or even know about it

Oh right that one. I always thought it would also have the filtering ability :thinking: