Organising Stocks

Hi everyone,

Apologies if these topics have been discussed already, but I would be most appreciative if someone could advise me of the following.

  • Is there any update from @Trading212 on keeping holdings from pies out of the main list of stocks? I know it’s down to personal preference but I am waiting for this feature before I start investing using the pie feature.


  • I want to invest in various spec stocks but also don’t want these sitting alongside my main portfolio. It would be great if you could separate holdings so that you can invest/trade without all the holdings being lumped together! Any idea if this might be an option one day?

Thanks guys :handshake:

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I want to be able to buy the real arkk that’s it

This is definitely something we should be able to do in the investment preview. Some kind of “hide instrument from investments” and “show hidden instruments”. At this point, it’s a must! :+1:t2:

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