Hide pie instruments(stocks) from investments tab

Dear @Team212,

Just like the title says I want to suggest a way to hide the instruments(stocks) in the pie from the investments tab.
As an example, I created in ARKK pie with 39 stocks and fund it. Now I have too many stocks in the investments tab and is cluttering my view from the ones I’m really interested in.
The pie should be set and forget type of investment in my opinion.

Please be so kind and a toggle that can hide the instruments(stocks) in the pie from the investments tab.

Thank you in advance for your support.
And keep up the good work!



I’ve added many instruments to my pie (40+) and these are now showing in my investments tab whereas I thought it’d be only within the ‘pies’ side. Can you implement a feature so that those investments in a pie only show in the ‘pie’ given I have no need to see each stock in my pie within the investments tab. It becomes confusing when day trading as I have to navigate through all those other stocks which are investments.



Great Idea.
I just posted the same thing in the Feature suggestion & ideas topic yesterday.

Hope they can do it. :crossed_fingers:t2:

In previous posts the Trading 212 team have said this will come.


Oh nice, great to see others are interested in this too!

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I decided to close all my pies for the moment.
I tried for a couple of days the cluttered view of the investments tab but it’s too much scrolling up and down.
Once this is implemented I will start again with pies.

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I requested the same thing in the webapp thread. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Yeah probably going to have to do the same. Very confusing not being able to hide pie stocks from main investment tab.

x2 I agree - this would be great.
I also see why they wont do this, people asking where their stocks have gone.
otherwise allow the creation of new tabs, like we have ones for investment and pie