High risk-Low risk stocks

Hi guys, what do you think is the best, high risk to low risk stocks percentage is to gain a steady growth over 5 years?? Any opinions welcome!

Are you 20 or 60 would be my first question.

I am 24 and I’m only trading with a small amount of my income

Everyone’s risk tolerance is different. I’ve been criticised on this forum for being too aggressive despite it being my decision after doing my own research and I’ve been continuously profitable. Yet I see people who I’d consider playing it too risky to the point of madness.

Whatever money you’re investing, would you be happy if each month you just threw it in the fire instead. Would you miss it? That’s just my personal yard stick but I find it a good measure. Once I invest money I see it as as good as gone. As if I threw it in a fire.

Being 24, time is your biggest asset. I wish I started investing at 24 instead of 30. That’s 6 years more growth potential. So on the one hand you could play it safer with the classic slow and steady growing stocks as you have time on your side. On the other hand, you can play it risky and do a few YOLOs as you have time on your side.

Fair point! In your opinion is it worth investing in a few well established companies say Tesco or Nike to hold on to some money or are some of the hotter companies I.e. Tesla, Pfizer, Moderna going to hold value the same?

I hold both types.

I have about 25 stocks I’d consider safe and risk free. And 15 I’d consider high risk.

(I do want to cut that 25 back as well though to maybe 20.)