History of buy/sell on price chart graph

I often day trade and it’d make trading so much easier and quicker for me to see on the price chart at which price I have bought and/or sold historically. Revolut does this very well and I really wish you could add this feature on T212 as well.

History on T212 is limited. I use TradingView alongside it. They have years of history. However some instruments like futures are delayed by 10 mins, unless you buy an extra data package.

Bumping this thread as I found the information very useful in the Revolut app. When you scroll across the graph you also see how many shares you bought/sold at that time.


Welcome to the Community, @JustBuying, and thanks for the suggestion :raised_hands:

At this point, there isn’t functionality that automatically shows the number of shares you’ve bought on the chart. If you’d like to keep track of such statistics, you can use the available drawing tools and manually enter the data. Here’s what you can do if when using the mobile app:

  1. Select the preferred instrument and go to the advanced chart
  2. Tap on the line menu on the left-hand side of the screen
  3. Select “Horizontal lines”, and tap on the candle/line that corresponds to the entry price
  4. Tap on the line so a menu can appear, and click on the three-dot button
  5. Go to “Settings” then tick the Text box, and you can start entering your data

In case you’re using the web app, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Expand to the advanced chart
  2. Click on the “T” button on the top right-hand side of the menu above the chart
  3. Tap on the candle/line that corresponds to your entry price
  4. Enter your data

I hope that helps, but if you need any guidance you can always drop me a DM :pray: