Charts - this is the ONE feature that I like in Revolut Trading

Don’t get me wrong here - I am moving away from Revolut Trading and adopting T212 as my standard trading platform.

However there is one thing that Revolut Trading does better is the stock price charts. And there is especially one cool feature is that R. adds little + and minus signs on the chart itself to show when you bought or sold a stock.

Could T212 implement this?

See below what I mean:


If you bought at the dip on the far left hand side, you could have got the stick for cheaper :upside_down_face:

I guess it shows two things that may or may not be of use to some visually:

  1. You regularly invested.
  2. How well/badly you timed the market.
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I like this small addition! I’d love it T212 had a similar way of showing entires & exits on the chart itself rather than just in the history for each stock.

Yep and if I had sold a bit later, I would have sold the stock at a higher price… hindsight is a wonderful thing :face_with_monocle:

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