Honest question has the stock market become a casino?

With the recent activity and all of the interest in Penny stocks that go :rocket: to the so called moon :full_moon_with_face: I have started asking myself if the market has become a casino? I am just curious if it is just me or anyone else feel the same way

Stock market or Casino
    • yes some of the activity in the stock market is starting to look like a casino (:rocket:)
    • nothing special same old same old, there is always a bubble somewhere
    • we are in a bubble (:chart_with_downwards_trend::man_facepalming:) but there is still money to be made
    • I own Dogecoin and I don’t care :money_mouth_face: and plan to buy a Tesla with it next year
    • to crazy for me, I now have more cash that stock in my account

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For me personally I think it is not a casino. In a casino everyone plays by the same rules…

Joking aside, the recent GME stuff at least had some solid financial/technical explanation. It didn’t happen out of pure chance or due to pure pumping. In my mind that context keeps the current market environment out of casino land.

The real question in my eyes, have people started treating the stock market like a casino? For me the answer is unquestionably yes, but an interesting conversation for sure.


I think it’s just the influx’s of new retail investors that has been fuelled by people with more time on their hands due to the pandemic, I think that things may start to level off a bit more when we start opening our countries up, every one want to own the next Tesla or Amazon so that’s the appeal with low value stocks, people should still do their DD with them because not all will make it through the next year or so, I think the times are changing where markets reacted to bad and good new like before, we all know that long term there’s a chance of the stock markets recovering after a dip, the fear has gone so any type of major sell off of stocks is for now going to be less likely, even more so with retail investor who are all individual thinking vs the old system of the past where big money men controlled the market movements


It’s disappointing that there are so many people acting like :clown_face: with bottomless debt-funded pockets, that get caught messing about and then raise a fuss because they now can’t afford to repay the loan they took out against their house to finance their ‘genius plan’ of GME :rocket:2D :full_moon_with_face:

The people who accuse the brokers of robbing them, are very likely the same people who have no clue what the term “the house always wins” actually means in regards to casino’s. :man_shrugging: certainly comparable to a casino, but instead of a bouncer kicking your butt for cheating, it’s the police/debt collector knocking on your door.

the latest rounds of changes to the platform have thankfully benefitted those of us who take this seriously the most.

Fully agree with this. I started this conversation as I hear the word casino about 20 times in an interview on Bloomberg. I was just curious to see what other think.

I have no idea who in their right mind would take an load on their house to bet on the market… but these are probably the same people that would in normal circumstances bet on sports or on a horse. It is just that, they have not realised the stock market is not the same thing. I don’t understand why someone that did not have a broker last week would think it is a good idea to buy options /CFDs this week.

What’s scary is that with every bubble or pump and dump, a story comes out in the media where someone has really mortgaged their home to fund the risky position only to lose everything and have no clue how to repay the debt. The risk just isn’t worth it imo.

There is definitely a casino element. With all these new digital brokers in the market, anyone with some spare cash can give it a go…and as i am sure everyone is aware, it is tempting to do day trade, which is where i see the casino interpretation. obviously there are day traders that know what they are doing, but i am sure if we were to look at the data, we would see a massive rise on day traders over the last year, which creates the casino impression.


There was an article about how the number of options day traders shot up in the US during the lock downs. At least the invest account won’t let you short :sweat_smile: hopefully things calm down once only the serious stick around a year or so from now.

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I hope so. But it might be that the genie is out and might not want to go back in :man_shrugging: Although I do hope things calm down a bit so we don’t have so much strange volatility (although lately it has been profitable and I should not complain).

I don’t think people should buy things they don’t understand but I do appreciate the video :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Always has been… Wall St ran things for a long time manipulating the tape the media, we just found out how to use the controller.