How can I sell a particular share for tax purposes?

Hi, I’m a little confused about how to sell specific shares in a single company.

For example, if I bought 1 share of a company at £1 and then bought another share a few months later at £5.

I wait 1 year and the stock goes up to £10.

I know own a share with a gain of £9 and a share with a gain of £4.

If I want to sell one of those shares, how do I know which one I’m selling?

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Are you talking about FIFO Vs LIFO

All our shares are held together by T212 in a single account under IBKR so in the account might have say 6738 shares of that particular stock and T212s database just shows that you own two of those.

In Invest/ISA it’s just accumulated so it’s just deducting one from the total if you sold one.

You own 2 shares with an average price of £3 and average gain of £7. If you buy/sell more shares you adjust the average up or down.