Sell only shares held for x years / months / any unit of time

In Slovakia, maybe it’s like that in some other countries, if you hold shares at least 1 year, you won’t pay any taxes on the gains. It would be nice to have this feature build-in into the app, so I can select to sell only shares that I held for some amount of time, for example when selling off my portfolio or doing rebalance of the pie.

My first question would be does T212 operate under LIFO (last in first out) or FIFO (first in first out) when selling shares. If it is LIFO, this would help you to naturally build up a lot of qualified shares for the tax rule.

Also that is a fantastic tax initiative. The Irish government take as much from you at every chance they can.

Also our shares are held in an IB account collectively so we might have say 50000 TSLA shares between us, if you buy 10 we then have 50010 in total. If I sold 20 we are then at 49990

The who has what portion is held by T212.

I’d imagine you would just need to look at the timestamp under History. Bought 10 shares and that was over a year ago so I can now sell 10 shares of my total held.

Thankful for ISA :pray:

Very interesting. I wasn’t aware of this collective pool but it makes sense.

@wava_gran0 ako to danis? Pretoze na trading212 neviem ktore pozicie uzatvaraju