How do I sell ISA Trading 212 Luckin Coffee shares OTC?


Following the delisting of Luckin Coffee and Trading 212’s notification that ISA held shares will be liquidated on or around 26th July 2020 (unless shareholders have already sold them Over The Counter); I am left wondering ‘how do I sell my Trading 212 ISA Luckin Coffee shares Over The Counter?’

If anyone knows I’d be grateful if you could tell me.

The share price is around $3 at the moment. Am I right in thinking the mass liquidation of all 212 ISA Luckin Coffee shares would result in a less favourable sell price?

Read the notification carefully, the team has detailed the answer to your query. I missed read that bit the first time as well. Good luck.


I read the notification three times (including the link) prior to posting the question. I’ve read it again and still can’t see how to instigate selling Luckin Coffee shares OTC.

Forgive me for not understanding if I’m missing it, but I just can’t see where it says how to instigate an OTC sale of shares.

If someone could pin point what I have to do I’d be ever so grateful.


Sell them me :joy::tired_face: luckin coffee is making a turn around!


On Trading212 the price is 1.41, however I can see that the price is actually approximately 3.79. I have read the notification from 212.

Just so I understand. If I sell the shares, the value that is being displayed to me will change, is that correct?

At the moment I’m at a loss, it says minus 366, but this is now probably a real loss of 40 or less. Does it mean that’s how much I will have? I believe so, just need to be sure before I sell. So will my account value increase when I sell?


What I didn’t include in my previous comment was the part above.

I received an email response to the same question mentioned above, saying there is absolutely no trading activity possible on Trading212.

If so, then what is this notification in the image here referring to? It clearly says we are able to sell, but we cannot buy. And that we simply can’t see the price, and all we need to do is look at Yahoo Finance to get a rough idea of how much money the transaction would be worth if we do sell.

So, can we, or can we not sell? and will it be for more than the value that the stock was at when it was delisted, which is currently is