How do you trade the UK stock on T212 (Minimising stamp duty)?

Every time you buy shares listed on LSE, you pay a stamp duty of 0.5% on the transaction.

If you are doing a day trading or swing trading frequently this could be quite significant cost. The cost is even more than trading the US stock as with the US stock you just pay the fees of 2X0.15%=0.30% for the exchange rate.

Is there any suggestion on minimising this stamp duty if you are trading the UK stock frequently ??

Also if y buy Eu stock on T212 is there any stamp duty if the stock is listed in the Eu other than LSE ?? Thanks

Not all UK stocks have stamp duty applied :upside_down_face:


I believe the entire AIM market exempted

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to avoid the stamp duty you don’t buy the stock you use CFD’s, this is one of their strengths. They are also designed for day trading like you mentioned.


eToro doesn’t levy stamp duty on UK stocks, saying it ‘absorbs’ the cost, but you’re probably buying CFDs with a wider spread.

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