Fees and return mismatch

I have been investing for a 2 months. My amount invested is listed at £2750, current account value at £3000, and return at £370. This means actual return is £250 out of £370 total return. I understand there are some fees, but almost 33% or 1/3 seems very excessive, and T212 is supposed to be a low cost platform?!

I have chatted with the online chat function and they could not tell me what the deductions consist of, but sent me a statement which did not list any fees or charges. They also linked a list of costs, but these were in the sub-1% region.

Has anyone experienced this or has any ideas or ways to find out where the discrepancy comes from?

Possibly currency exchange loss?

Thanks for the reply, I don’t think so, as almost all of my trading has been in UK£ for UK stocks (I am UK based). I have trading some UK listed ETFs listed in US$, but this has the been minority.

Is there a way of getting a breakdown of deductions?

If you have been buying lots of uk stocks multiple times, then the stamp duty cost may account for some of this. This is a fee charged on all uk listed stocks. (ETFs don’t apply).

That’s pretty much all it can be - either a currency exchange loss, stamp duty, or you sold for less than you purchased some stocks for (ie: made a loss on some stocks).

A breakdown can be found in the history tab. - you can see how much you bought for and how much you ended up selling for. Also, the monthly statement reports sent via email will list P/L for the month.

Thanks, it probably is the frequency of the trading then and the cumulative stamp duty.

No worries - have a look either way in the history tab and after looking at a few you should be able to figure out what-went-where. :slight_smile: :v:

If I could just add, the numbers in the graph are pretty useless if you have ever sold a stock. You’re best tracking on a spreadsheet or using some app

Should note stamp duty is 0.5 so for buying £1000 the SDRT is £5

So that’s a lot of buying, and selling to get £120 in costs.

AIM is exempt too.

When you go to buy you should see it listed.

If was able to buy exactly £500.00 it would be £2.50