How i am using ARK funds - a personal strategy

Ark funds have been gaining a lot of traction and attraction! And there are a lot of us who want to get in and believe in their investment philosophy and trust research methodology.

I have spent so much time looking into all of their available active ETF’s. My big questions were which one to choose out of Innovation, Genomics, Internet and Fintech themed funds! (purposefully left out robotics - may revisit it later not sure)

Somehow I wanted to cover all the themes without having to create individual pies for each fund’s holdings! Luckily there is a significant overlap in holdings across the funds. Genomics is the most unique followed by mixed/shared holdings across the other funds.

Therefore, my number one choice would be Genomics (ARKG).

To cover other themes I picked Fintech (ARKF) and Next-generation Internet (ARKW). Merged the holdings and created a new pie.

I have purposefully removed the FAANG and Nvidia stock as I am already investing in them separately. And wanted to keep the holdings unique. Redistribution of additional weightage was done among the top 10 holdings where the ARK team have the most conviction.

Monthly investments across these two will be a good start for myself. And review it as I go. I am starting with ARK being 20% of my portfolio.