How to position horizontal lines exactly

Is there a way to position horizontal lines exactly at a certain price on a candlestick chart? I seem to spend lots of time trying to get my lines o an the exact position by just twiddling with the magnification. Also now the chart (CFD UK100) I am looking at has switched to showing two decimal places, whilst before it was one, so that makes things even more fiddly. Is there something nice and simple that I am just totally overlooking?

Hope this helps, it may be a little odd to understand…

On the prices shown on the chart, running up the right side of the chart. If you click and drag on the prices, it increases and decreases the zoom on the prices. Click and drag upwards and it should show you more of a gap between the individual prices.

Hard to explain, but hope that helps.

Thank you for your swift response. I was hoping there might be a way of typing in an exact price, like say 6190, and the line being positioned there without having to fiddle with it for ages?

Not that i’m aware of sadly.
Fingers crossed this gets added, it would be a worthwhile feature.