How to reinvest interest earned from cash isa

I know this is allowed but I can’t find any settings in my account to set this up. Help!

We pay all interest daily, and the system automatically updates the data in the background to ensure a compounding effect. There’s no need for any further action once you enable the ‘Interest on cash’ feature.

If you want to invest your interest, you’ll first have to move it to an account that supports the purchase of stocks and ETFs, such as our Stocks & Shares ISA or the Invest account. You can do that by going to Settings > Manage funds > Move funds.

It would be a great feature, to automatically add cash from the cash ISA (interest and/or actual cash) towards PIES in your s&s ISA.

That way users can stagger internal payments and deposits to various pies, and T212 will make money on any of the FX conversions, depending on what the pie holds.

You earn cash in your S&S ISA through QMMFs so you can do much the same already.