How to see my lifetime earnings or losses in Trading212?

So I have the following values in the “History” section:

Realised earnings/losses
Total dividends

And of course, I know the exact amount which is right now deposited in my Trading 212 account.

But I do not know exactly how to see the earnings or losses that I had since I opened my account. Could you give me some insights on this?



I think it shows the realised gains/losses in the history part of the app.

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Welcome to the community, @Murdock5252 :wave:

You can see the overall realised profit/loss in the History section of the app. Moreover, you can export the trading data, where you can select the time frame and the type of data which you would like to export.

You can find more information on how to do it step by step in this article. If you still need any assistance, drop me a DM. :v: