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Hi Trading212 team,

I have a suggestion on how the results are displayed.
Currently, on the web app you can find the results under History menu where you can see your overall trading result - Total Return (in green if it’s positive, in red if it’s negative), Total Dividends, Deposits and Withdrawals.
It would be nice and useful to see the breakdown of the results in positive and negative separate and the balance (similar to bank account balance). Or, maybe to select a period to display the results.
Also on the timeline it would be nice to see the result of each sold order (positive or negative) and totals at the end of each trading Day (positive, negative and the balance).

On the same note, on phone app you can see only the Result (green or red). Would be nice to see the result broken down into profits, losses and the balance (positive or negative). And again, on the timeline on each sold order if you could see the results (positive or negative) and the total after each day it would be fantastic.

Thank you for taking into consideration.



Good morning Dumitru,

My name is Marius and I would like to ask you a big favor: I would like to start trading on 212 and I have few questions if you don’t mind.
I see that you are very knowledgeable and I would be grateful if you can give me a little help.

Please let me know at your convenience.

Kind regards,

Hi Marius,

You can post here on the forum any questions you might have.
There are lots of friendly users that will reply to your questions.
Just try using the search, because it’s a big chance your question was asked by other also.

Welcome to the community.


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Hi Lucian,

Many thanks for your kind reply.
I would search first for all my questions but the main one is if I am allowed to sale and buy the same shares multiple times per day. I don’t know if will make a difference or not but I am in the UK.

Kind regards,

If you refer to Scalping it is allowed for Investing and ISA accounts but forbidden on CFD accounts.

Happy Investing!

Hi Marius,

Welcome to T212 community and thank you for your question. On this site you can ask any questions you have regarding investing and trading, all of us are here to help and share the knowledge.
Regarding day trading, I have asked the team same question some time ago as in US day trading has some specifics (depending on what type of account you have - cash or margin - in regards to pattern day trading and settlement of transactions).
T212 team responded confirming that we can day trade on Invest account as many times as we like the same stock during same day.
If you have any other questions please feel free to ask, will be more than happy to help.
Good luck.

Dear Dumitru,

Thank you very much for your kind answer and advice.
To me it is a little confusing understanding the concept of “unsettled funds” and I wasn’t sure if buying and selling the same stock multiple times a day will be considered “buying with unsettled funds”. I read that I risk having my account suspended for a 90 days is this will be the case.
Thank you again and I will really appreciate if you can let me know at your convenience.

Kind regards,