Results Display

Hi Trading212 team,

I have a suggestion on how the results are displayed.
Currently, on the web app you can find the results under History menu where you can see your overall trading result - Total Return (in green if it’s positive, in red if it’s negative), Total Dividends, Deposits and Withdrawals.
It would be nice and useful to see the breakdown of the results in positive and negative separate and the balance (similar to bank account balance). Or, maybe to select a period to display the results.
Also on the timeline it would be nice to see the result of each sold order (positive or negative) and totals at the end of each trading Day (positive, negative and the balance).

On the same note, on phone app you can see only the Result (green or red). Would be nice to see the result broken down into profits, losses and the balance (positive or negative). And again, on the timeline on each sold order if you could see the results (positive or negative) and the total after each day it would be fantastic.

Thank you for taking into consideration.