How to sell stocks in a pie without rebalancing


I wanted to know how to sell stocks within a pie, without having to do a rebalance / withdraw.

From what I understand, there are 2 methods to sell stocks in a pie.

  1. Go to Invest / Withdraw Funds (if I didn’t want to spread the value of the shares across the rest of the pie)
    1a. I would select the total amount to withdraw and then select which proportion of stocks in the pie to make up this total
    1b. Is there an easier way to do this? E.g. if I want to sell £5 in Apple and £4 in Tesla, I’d need to withdraw £10 and then select the sliders appropriately. Seems a bit fiddly if the amounts were not whole numbers.

  2. Once I withdraw funds from the pie does it then go to my regular 212 Investment account or back to my actual bank account?

  3. Go to Edit Pie (if I wanted to use the proceeds of the sale and spread across the rest of the pie, or add a new stock):
    2a. I would press the X on a stock I want to remove and distribute that across other stocks in my pie, or add a new stock
    2b. Once this is done I get a note that says instruments will be sold with priority during the next rebalancing or Withdraw funds event.
    2c. What if I don’t want to Rebalance the full portfolio - i.e. if I have 10 shares in a pie and want to remove Apple and redistribute it into Tesla then I would press the X on Apple and increase the target of Tesla by the amount needed. I then confirm the changes and it gives me the note. How do I initiate the sale of Apple and top up of Tesla WITHOUT rebalancing the entire pie?

Hope this makes sense, or please let me know if I am doing something wrong!

I think simplest way is to export stock you want to sell and then do either limit/market sell outside pie. Then you can manually reinvest to pie and choose which stocks you want to put money in.

There is a post from T212 they are updating the sell process , so you dont need to manually withdraw, that stock can get sold once removed from pie holdings. But cannot find the post.

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Ah never thought of exporting. Thanks!