How to set a percentage trailing stop loss

is there any word for progress on this? a trailing stop is kind of a basic necessity and it’s a little shocking that such an important safety feature is not available to Invest and ISA account users

I completely agree, it is a fundamental tool for any investor be it on a CFD or Invest / ISA account!

I have just checked eToro and they have trailing stops on their shares account, surely this is something T212 is capable of adding?


This should really be a standard feature on the invest platform. It’s a very common feature for good reasons.

why have 212 not replied to requests for inclusion of trailing stops to invest accounts?

I also would love to hear if there are plans for a trailing stop loss. It really is an essential feature, and not having it is making me consider new trading platforms (although I love t212!)

Me too, i really like T212 but if there won’t be a trailing stop loss option soon i might have to go to another broker

Agreed needs to be added to invest too!