How to set a percentage trailing stop loss

I would like to know how to set a percentage trailing stop loss.

£10,000 account
Buy Corning (GLW)
Buy up to price: $35.30 per share.
Stop Loss: 30% trailing stop
Position size: Up to 2.5%

How do I apply the 30% trailing stop loss?



@chriscurwen When you have an open position, you’ll need to click on it & then you’ll see the trailing stop option. When you toggle it, you’ll notice that the distance is set in points / nominal value, rather than percentages.

If you were to calculate the default distance when toggling it, you’d see that it’s always around 10%. If you wish to increase the distance, you’d need to calculate how much points X% is. With Corning trading at around $20.5, a 30% trailing stop would mean a point distance of approx. $6.15.

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How do you remove a stop order on live position? Share dealing not CFD.



@Anchorman100 When you click on the stock which has such an order associated with it, you’ll find the stop order in the “Pending orders” section - there you can cancel it with the :x:.

I think I still have this wrong because I hit confirm and the message read ‘the distance value is too far from the current market value’

@chriscurwen Our max distance criteria didn’t allow for your order to be placed. I’ve increased it now so all should be fine the next time you try to place it. :slight_smile:

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I cant find anywhere the option to set up trailing stop loss nor take profit. I have looked at videos etc but it seems the app is different from mine. I’m using real money, android phone and windows desktop.

@Jhawk You can set take profit & stop loss when opening a position & trailing stop afterward.

This is how it looks on the web when opening a new position:

Adjusting an already existing open position:


A question about “clicking on an open position”: How can I update a position in the web-browser (desktop)? I cannot modify mine, I just have “sell” and “buy more” buttons on them…

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David, would you mind increasing the max distance criteria across my full account? Or is it a global setting for all accounts?

@drtinvest That’s because you’re on “Invest” & not CFDs. The behavior’s a bit different there. Though the same logic would apply, if you wish to set a pending order, depending on the direction - just click on either sell or by more.

@chriscurwen We’ll try to completely eliminate this criterion before the end of the quarter. Maximum flexibility does seem like the best play.

Hmm, but why would it be different?
Instead of me checking the page every minute, I could set your platform close the position given a certain value is reached.

so? anyone can answer?
should I understand that there is no way to update the opened positions?

@drtinvest You can still apply pending orders, what is it exactly that you’re looking to do?

Hi, I would like to update the opened position and set a trailing stop.

@drtinvest Trailing stop is not available on Invest. However, you can place regular pending orders that trigger at a certain price.

Why is the trailing stop feature not available on both platforms??..It seems a bit counter-productive to have it as a topic on the Trading212 youtube tutorials… Are there plans be to integrate it in the Invest platform in future updates?


I totally agree with @drtinvest @mravini .
The option should be there on Invest although we did not enable it from the start.
Other platforms have this option, why should you limit it only to CFD?
Basically the youtube help videos are unhelpful since they do not specify it accordingly.



@admins When will Trailing Stop Loss be standardized across Invest and CFD?


You’ve probably found it but on the dashed line on the stock chart to the right hand side there is a small ‘x’ that you can click on to remove the stop loss.