Percentage Based Trailing Orders


Is there any plan to implement real stop limit orders setting up a percentage instead of price?
Trading Invest, not CFD

I find price specially misleading, and the potencial result in loss of profits. It simply doesn’t making sense to advertise there is trailing stop loss and then there is no real trailing but a lower bound instead.

Same goes for buying orders, although on this side trailing is less affected important and better controlled with price limits. However, if one wants to buy more shares on a position it helps the investor to reduce the average cost taking advantage of intraday variance.



If I recall correctly, this has been requested on multiple occasions before and staff are looking at implementing it. I don’t know of a timeline or any specifics given, however a search of the forum should turn up the previous topics mentioning trailing orders.

I am sure it has been requested before. That said, I think the platform should offer both % and price based trailing. For example if the user inputs the percentage it must be translated to price side by side, similarly if price is the input, then a % is calculated and shown.

I want this too, please add it

@David is this something you guys are looking at adding. So many times I wanted to put a trailing stop loss on (invest/ISA) and it’s frustrating to not be able to when other platforms have it.