How to start trading ETFs on T212?

I am relatively new to this platform, a newbie.
While ive learned how to invest, trade with stocks, ive got maybe a silly question regarding ETFs. I know what ETFs are, but when i go to T212 and put category all ETFs like Vanguard FTSE, GGRG etc. and i can buy them, you buy ETFs like individual stocks? Thats how it feels when i want to buy it. And when you buy those ETFs, they do actually spread your money across different companies which is something an ETF is supposed to do?

This might help: ETFs investing. Definition, examples and how to invest in ETFs within the UK (

Essentially, you buy the ETF just like an individual stock, but the ETF itself is exposed to multiple assets, so the ETF price changes as the prices of the underlying assets change. You will be indirectly exposed to all of those underlying assets by simply buying into one ETF.