Frustrated with a lack of ETFs and Funds on Platform in Pounds Sterling

I’m incredibly frustrated that T212 haven’t got the range of ETFs and stocks in pounds sterling that a newer platform, Freetrade has.

I requested them several times and I realise I’m just one customer, but I should have paid the £3 a month for the Freetrade ISA. I have a small portfolio with them and they are constantly adding stocks, answer queries on the platform quicker and have more funds and ETFs I want which is how I want to invest the majority of my portfolio.

It seems T212 arn’t that bothered about gearing to a UK audience specifically like FT.

Very frustrating! Lesson learned and now Freetrade have fractional shares I think I’ll be moving my portfolio over next year. There’s almost a year away though! Sheesh!

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why do you have to wait a year to move?

Because you can’t invest in more then 1 stocks and shares isa in a financial year.

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can’t you just transfer your ISA to them? anyway, I would just say I understand your frustration and there has been a big delay over the last couple months getting new stocks on T212 as they are focusing on other things. but it seems very soon their focus will move to adding new stocks. As an example, I requested EQQQ back in January and it was added 2 days later so I believe once they focus on adding stocks it will happen fast.

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I didn’t think I could do that, I obviously still have alot to learn.

No platform is perfect and T212 is good, I just don’t want to invest too much in stocks in other currencies especially with how the pound has been going. I do have some US stocks though to contradict that. There are alot on Euros though which makes sense as T212 wasn’t set up in UK originally.

EQQQ is a big one. That is crazy. I do hold that elsewhere.

Thanks for reply.

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no worries, another simple option is to create an invest account on freetrade to buy what you want there outside an ISA, as long as you don’t make 12 grand profit (after that you pay tax) it should be fine in the short term until they are added on T212.

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Freetrade is shite and lacks even the most basic functionality.

But if you want to pay £3 per month, +fees on US purchases, sales and dividends received and soon to pay £10 a month for stocks behind a paywall - then I’d say its a cracking move.

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There’s pros and cons of both but I’m gradually moving from FT to T212 for the greater functionality and information. FT has approx 85 ETFs available whereas T212 has just under 400 by the looks of it.

Both suffer from missing some really obvious etfs.

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@Step24 @red have you made any requests for the ETFs you would like to see? I’m sure you have but just saying they need to have it on their radar.

I have the FT app, but its not being used, and I’m now advising everyone stays away from Freetrade from my recent experience :grimacing: For comparison if T212 is like a Ferrari 812 GTS, then Freetrade is like a Little Tikes Car

Ps EQQQ is on T212 though possibly relatively recently added.

But we strive to be an SF90 Stradale.


I do love that you replied on that.

On a serious note are T212 secretly building a way to submit tickers via the app/desktop?

That way you wouldn’t need to hoover them up in the forums, or re-search once added to let us know.

Plus other people could see whats requested so they could +1 to vote them rather than duplicate.

That way you can see what everyone wants prioritised.

Also would give a handy way to then alert those that voted when it does get added.

I’d personally love to see the whole list of requested tickers, and to add one vote each to bump any up. That way if you saw your request at number 7 in the queue you know its up next, rather than 789 out of 2000 requests.


T212 may have more ETFs but alot of the ones I want are either in euros or dollars, whereas FT has many of the one’s I want in pounds. Maybe I should wait if FT are going to put up their fees. To be honest I do alot of my research outside of any platform I have investments in and I’m not looking for a wide use of trading tools in a platform currently. Perhaps that’s naive. Thanks for your responses.

I have requested ETFs and funds with T212 multiple times now.

I have a small portfolio on FT and find them far more responsive. I asked T212 about fund fees and ETFs and got the generic response about them not charging anything, which is true, but I was asking about specific fund charges, which they don’t display on the app (FT do!) and seemed to have difficulty answering.

My experience when corresponding with T212 has been ropey to say the least, whereas FT has been quick. This is just my personal experience.

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Hi @phildawson

I haven’t requested any etfs yet as I’ve only just started recently on T212. For similar reasons to you I’m moving away from FT - I think that I read you had been banned.

@Step24 having the link to the kiid in FT is useful (though if you are doing research outside the app anyway then perhaps not as useful). I’d disagree with you that FT are more responsive than T212 but that is subjective. As an aside why do you prefer to invest in GBP in ETFs? Although that fixes your entry price any non- UK holdings one that etf will still expose you to currency volatility won’t they?

Yep indeed banned for suggesting too many ideas. Hopefully @AlexK doesn’t get the :hammer: out for the suggested way to collect requests above. :rofl:

I had no problem with staff other than the CMO, who obviously thinks its easy to silence people rather than improve their product. I fully understand from a business perspective you don’t want your customers realising you can get a better platform for free, but its seriously not cool banning them for a 1000 years for mentioning things you would like to see built, like charts with candles which was the final straw.

From reading about other people who got banned its a similar case of disagree of his way of thinking and you’ve gone. I don’t mind frees up some time I would have spent contributing to their community.

Annoyingly he’s also the cofounder so unlikely to get fired for doing so. Adam Dodds and Ian Fuller seem to turn a blind eye to it.

Yes the paranoia about T212 gets quite tiresome at times on FT. Which is a pity as there’s room in the market for both.

However if/when Robinhood gets their act together in the UK I think FT are going to be totally screwed. :see_no_evil: I’m sure mentioning the R word will become an instant ban.

I’m quoting other sources but, Currency hedged ETFs are useful because they remove the uncertainty of exchange rate fluctuations. I just like to know what I’m investing in in that regard. If I invest in an ETF in euros that puts me at a currency risk. The pound seems to be getting weaker and weaker against other currencies at the moment which looks like it’s a trend.

I’m not pretending to be an expert. Some advise it takes another element of the unknown out of the equation.

Please correctly me if I’m wrong though?

Anyone got a reference for that?