How to Withdraw Funds After Death

What is the procedure for closing an account in the instance the account holder dies? I’m putting together information for loved ones just in case I died before closing me account. Is there a procedure?

In such circumstances, we require a death certificate. Then after, our team is guiding the next steps.

We had such cases in the past, unfortunately, and we follow a strict internal procedure to ensure that the matter is resolved.


Follow up question, just to be clear.
In case I will die, my wife can contact you with the proper documentation and claim the account?
Will you allow her to continue to manage the account?

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@itzikhil Yes, of course. We’ll grant account access upon providing us with all requested documents.


Hi. Do you have details on the internal procedure?
My wife and I will like to know if it is something simple, like “marriage certificate + death certificate = full control”, or if you will freeze the account until a final decision on succession is reached (and legalised and recognised abroad, an expensive process that we will rather avoid).