Bereavement on ISA

Is there a specific procedure in case of death of the account holder ?

I know banks will normally require a death certificate and a will to unlock any funds but was wondering if Trading212 is the same. Please let me know if you have any information on this.


Would a will + death certificate be enough for all the Trading212 accounts ? (ISA, Invest and CFD)


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Morning @David any info on this ?

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Interested in this too

Would like to know too

@dropbrick Yes, there is. It’s usually dealt with on a case by case basis but generally, the process is similar to the banks’ procedures -> certificate of death + will. If not in the original form, they’ll need to be certified copies.

What happens in the case of no will? I won’t be writing a will anytime soon, decades at least.

@David Have you any plans to allow us to name beneficiaries like is the norm with workplace pensions?

This way it will be death certificate + match to beneficiary in your systems.

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@Alpha I believe that in the UK, it’s only life insurance and pension products that permit the naming of beneficiaries. It’s not done for bank accounts or investment products. I’d recommend seeking professional advice as we’re just not able/allowed to advise you on Tax, Estate Planning, or Legal Advice on our services.


This would actually be a pretty cool feature to add for the account itself and not just an ISA.

Not just for bereavement but, incase of an accident also that would render the account holder of a different mindset than when first joining (RTA with serious head injuries).

Maybe a self executing smart contract instead of a will?

No one can predict the future let alone their own