HYDROGEN is the future

Hi admins,
I know this is a long shot… but, is there anyway you guys can add HYSR and BSRC? Its been going up and volume is increasing… it would be beneficial for both the 212 and the traders/investors if added asap as i believe it is the future. US president elect Biden’s focus is on clean, green renewable energies… we dont want to be late right? We should both racking in those $$$$. Thank you.

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Has to be penny stock exempt and they aren’t.



I see. Is GAXY and CBBT PSE? :thinking:

You can check if an OTC stock is penny exempt by looking on https://www.otcmarkets.com/

Yeah i know that mate. Just wondering why gaxy and cbbt which are both not PSE are added?

I suspect it became too much of a burden to add and maintain them after the first batches were added.

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I agree I was looking for these as well.:pleading_face:

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