Iag sa - bought stock

‘International Consolidated Airlines Group SA’

I got an email saying I could buy more of this stock and receive it at a lower price (3 for every 2 I own), I clicked the link in the email and bought more.

However, the number of stocks I own has not increased yet? Are they to be added on the 20/09 which is when the offer will be no more.

If anyone else has had the email about IAG SA stock they will understand this query.

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I believe the new shares will be added ti our existing shares on the 7th of October.

Remember you have only purchased Or should I say reserved the rights on the stocks. You will get the options to buy or sell the 88p shares later on.

Ok great, thank you. Where did you see this? `

I have had the option to buy and I have bought, however the additional stocks have not appeared in my Trading212 account yet.


I contacted the support and ansed the same question. They told me the shares would be added on the 7th.

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This is amazing, thank you very much.

hmmmm, nothing added for me. @msg have yours been added to your account?

There’s another thread on this where 212 are updating.

@Joey_Fantana Hi, could you point me in the direction of this if possible? thank you

Just use the search function, mate. Searching for ‘IAG’ brings up a few results - think the thread is called IAG Rights Issue.

Not trying to be unhelpful; just trying to encourage folk get used to using these functions themselves. :slight_smile:

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