IAG unavailability

Is there a reason why IAG is currently suspended on Trading 212 and is there a timeline for when it might be back?

It’s the only stock missing that’s stopping me from transferring my ISA from HL.


Hi @Hairy
Purchasing IAG stocks requires nationality disclosure. The company has a set a 47.5% limit on Non-EU persons ownership.
Unfortunately, our current infrastructure doesn’t support that. Nevertheless, we’re working on a solution.


So is that because Trading 212’s nominee account is non-EU and IAG is at/close to their limit? Or is Trading 212 already considering British accounts as non-EU?

I’m curious since the likes of EasyJet and BAE Systems require the same declaration, but are available on Trading 212.

Currently, IAG’s available on T212. We’re working on making sure it stays that way.