ICSU ETF request

Would it be possible to add ICSU please? Ideally in fractional shares.

We have the USD version already but GBP would be perfect.

Hey @TInvest :wave:

We’ll take a look at your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

Thanks! That’s great :+1:

@TInvest We’re currently in the process of assembling all ETF requests in a bundle, which we’ll add in one go. I’ve already forwarded your suggestion and the ETF will be considered when we start the process.

@B.E , how will work the ETFs additions, we must request them to be included in that batch? Or T212 will include all the existing ETFs in IBKR?

Could you explain the process to us, so we could also help T212 in this task?

@Finki might be the best to give us a list of all ETFs missing on 212. The answer should be to add every currency variation that has the highest liquidity right?

Even a shared community google sheet where people could request ETFs if any missing from the list. Ideally if we used the LEI would be able to factor out duplicates.

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