Vanguard ETFs listing

Hi, Would you please include the Vanguard ETFs? Thank you.

There are lots of Vanguard ETFs on the UK platform, what ones are missing?

I bet he is refering to the new EU(Cyprus) platform.
I have friends(Romania) i reffered and joind recently on the EU platform asking me the same question.

@Misi27 T212 said initially they will add all the tickers from the UK platform to the EU one by september and then by year end. But now the new due date is Q1 2022.

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Already T212 UK is missing some EUR-denominated Vanguard ETFs (as well from other ETFs/ETPs issuers).

Even if T212 migrate all the UK Vanguard offer, there are a few missing.

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Hi, You mentioned something that made me very worried. I have just opened my T212 account but I am certainly not new to trading. I have quite a bit of bad experience with Cyprus based brokers. I lost a lot of money just because the broker company simply ignored the withdrawal request and I had never seen my money ever again. The broker is still on the market. I have no problem with people in cypres but something was very fishy in between the authorities and the broker company.

Does anybody have experience with withdrawal from the “Cyprian” T212?

T212 in Cyprus will be same company as T212 UK, the difference will be a new legal entity with different regulation due to Brexit. Maybe if Trading 212 have planned with more time the Brexit migration, Cyprus could have not be chosen.

If a company have bad governance (to say the least), the place here is registered is almost irrelevant. Of course, the local regulation plays an important part. Just because a company is registered in UK, that don’t mean that UK regulation can prevent 100% good governance of any company, as there are numerous recent examples (and older ones) of bad conduct from British financial institutions (including Fintechs).

But if you ask me, if I prefer UK or Cyprus regulation, my answer is obvious, I rather prefer UK. Brexit disrupted the UK-Europe connection. And Cyprus is a faster and cheap solution (besides other corporate and fiscal friendly issues) than other more “1st world” EU countries. Cyprus is the home of several online brokers, online casinos and other tech startups due to that.

For example, Lithuania is a Fintech startup cluster, Switzerland for crypto companies, due to a friendly environment (prices of regulation/licenses, licenses approval, easiness of work, regulation and legislation).


It might be complete nonsense, but is that possible to list in the American Vanguard ETFs like VOO, VOOG, VCR or VYM for example? I’m mainly interested in the American market.
Thank you.

They can only be added if UCITS compliant(can tell as most of them that do have UCITS in their name).

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VUSA and VUSD are the US-market Vanguard ETFs available for us (VOO)

VOOG i think you won’t be too lucky there, but there may be some similar ones available still.

VCR you will find IUCD and XLYS tracking the same index, from BlackRock and Invesco respectively.

VYM will be VHYD here.

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