In-specie transfer 👨‍🔬

They are absolutely missing out. But as far as I understand, it’s up to third parties like IB.


Calm down you are not the only one here thats needs this feature, rushing them and posting here furiously/frequently isn’t helping.

Let them do it on good time so no complications.

I monitor here every week to see updates, suggest you do the same instead of bashing T212

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Must be a crazy feature, 4 years in the making. So stoked.

@Bogi.H Doesn’t take much to get some information, though.
“Hi guys, what’s the status on that in-specie transfer feature?”
“Oh, that feature. Yes, we will launch it in X days.”
“Oh, thanks a lot, Stanislav”

Don’t act like you’re some big enterprise.


Does it take too much to ask for a bit of patience?

They have responded several times above in this thread. What more of a response are we expecting?

Here is the link I shared earlier as you clearly missed their communication.

I would be more patient if they would be paying me out the interest they are earning by lending out my shares. Then I can have all the patience.


@mubix77, despite my desire to be as precise as possible, we do not want to make false promises. When we rely on external providers for this feature, any ETA will be rather a guestimation. As promised, we will keep you in the loop.


Wait till you hear it’s only for ISAs.

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Thanks for the update @Bogi.H Appreciated!

I am also very excited about the planned feature however I would rather have t212 honest and open about timelines than breaking promises.

But I wanna also say, setting out a conservative achievable timeline publicly has its merits too.
It is a powerful tool indeed to show off a company’s dedication, capability and performance.


Ibkr have finally updated their information page they accept isa transfers, although only full account transfers allowed for now.

I think we could get an update soon that 212 is working at it again after it has been frozen for so long


What does full account mean

The whole account for example if you have 25 shares of apple you have to transfer all you can’t just transfer 10 or 15 the whole account


Right thanks, do you happen to know if you can transfer individual ISA positions then? If you have more than one stock

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I believe yes but this is interactive brokers for now, 212 haven’t implemented it yet so we still have to wait but i think this year will finally be done

It means the entire ISA must be transferred they (IBKR) don’t accept partial transfers at the moment.

It’s been another 2 months, still no update to give?


With the end of the tax year approaching it would be nice to have some roadmap and clarity both for the isa and general invest account, before committing any more funds


I have stopped adding funds, will not add anymore until this issue is dealt with.


Could we please obtain an update for the INVEST account?


The promise of this feature has been going on for years. Ill be in the grave by the time they roll it out… so many vague responses, empty promises. What they dont understand is that this feature will make your platform more attractive and will be good for your client base.


Approaching one year since the beta started.

Simply not good enough.