In-specie transfer 👨‍🔬

It’s never coming. :smiley:

Still putting the blame on IBKR?

Have you heard of patience? You were happy to sign up without it, it was never promised, so why are your knickers in a twist now :man_shrugging:

Your posts other than these add zero constructive value.

And yes, I do want the option to transfer in/out securities should in the future I wish to move (say if 212 hiked their fees for example and were no longer competitive). But I wouldn’t want a half assed process rushed out just to make people happy. 212 piggy back off IB to provide us services as you have highlighted, but that doesn’t necessarily mean as soon as IB offer something, 212 can as well. That extra layer must have some complications.

If your looking to leave 212, or move more positions to 212 without having to sell, you will simply have to wait like the rest of us.

Have you voted on the poll I posted to highlight to 212 what are the most requested features, you could try that to help reiterate the importance in customers minds if 212 could support an inspecie service. Not all brokers do.

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I kinda get the feeling that people might be thinking T212 are dragging their feet for the fear of loosing customers.

But the reverse is the case ie there are actually missing the opportunity of tapping into some of AJ bell and HL customers.

Personally i have an account with HL which has been dormant cos of the fees (£11.95) per transaction makes buying and selling difficult for small trades.

Now unless there other brokers out there that are cheaper than T212, am struggling to see the benefits of “dragging their feet”


They are absolutely missing out. But as far as I understand, it’s up to third parties like IB.


Calm down you are not the only one here thats needs this feature, rushing them and posting here furiously/frequently isn’t helping.

Let them do it on good time so no complications.

I monitor here every week to see updates, suggest you do the same instead of bashing T212

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Must be a crazy feature, 4 years in the making. So stoked.

@Bogi.H Doesn’t take much to get some information, though.
“Hi guys, what’s the status on that in-specie transfer feature?”
“Oh, that feature. Yes, we will launch it in X days.”
“Oh, thanks a lot, Stanislav”

Don’t act like you’re some big enterprise.

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Does it take too much to ask for a bit of patience?

They have responded several times above in this thread. What more of a response are we expecting?

Here is the link I shared earlier as you clearly missed their communication.

I would be more patient if they would be paying me out the interest they are earning by lending out my shares. Then I can have all the patience.

@mubix77, despite my desire to be as precise as possible, we do not want to make false promises. When we rely on external providers for this feature, any ETA will be rather a guestimation. As promised, we will keep you in the loop.


Wait till you hear it’s only for ISAs.

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