Concerned that we cannot do in-specie ISA transfers

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So I started my investment journey approx. 2 years ago and I transferred my ISA across to T212 earlier this year. Before I continue I want to make it clear that my experience with T212 has been great and I have absolutely no reason to complain about or leave the platform.

I’ve been quite fortunate to have established some strong positions in a variety of growth stocks (capitalising on the lows caused by the pandemic) and I’ve got a long-term strategy to hold and invest in these positions.

Whilst reading the soon to be updated ISA terms I noticed this:

Currently, T212 does not offer in-specie ISA transfers, meaning they cannot transfer your shares (therefore maintaining your position) and instead, you would need to sell-off your portfolio and transfer the cash value, then re-invest with your new broker (which is like starting from scratch!).

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into establishing my portfolio and it just unsettles me to know that IF I were to exercise my right as a consumer and decide to change platform/broker I’d have to sell-off my entire portfolio in order to do so.

If T212 offered in-specie ISA transfers I’d be at ease but if it’s not introduced soon then I’ll be forced to consider whether I continue with T212 for the 22/23 ISA term and beyond…

I’m concerned that @team212 don’t seem to be addressing this with any urgency. There are posts scattered throughout the forum promising this feature (e.g. there was mention of Q3 2020 by someone from @team212) but I can’t see any signs that it will happen anytime soon (does T212 have a roadmap?).

This is one of those things that could unsettle customers who would otherwise happily stick with T212 for the forseeable future.

Does anyone know if this is being looked in to?

@team212 is there a plan to introduce this feature? if so, when?

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Whilst in-specie would be great (in both directions). It’s worth clarifying that the highlighted point isn’t a new term and was present when you originally signed up.


I get what you mean. It’s part and parcel why I don’t have my ISA with 212.

It’s quite a slow process to transfer, the government guidance is 6 weeks to transfer cash in an ISA, or 12 weeks for stocks and shares. In this day and age, both are too long.

Given the low costs of 212, and the fact I don’t think any broker has an ‘automated’ process for this, how would we propose this be implemented? A set fee of £5-10 per stock perhaps to facilitate manually? I’m not sure how much the financial risk would be for this or if this would be sufficient to cover irregular work, but I t’s certainly something the UK regulators need to push for(ease of transfer).

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It’s actually taking on average double this at the moment.

Thanks @Donaldo_Duckarelli

Good point and you’re right, it was there in the terms when I signed up but although I overlooked it before, now that I know, I’m wondering when @team212 will introduce this as a feature. My friends tell me some of their competitors (e.g. Freetrade, Etoro) offer in-specie ISA transfers.

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Thanks @Dougal1984

Glad you get what I mean (I was hoping I got my point across clearly!)… just out of interest, who is your ISA with in that case? and more interestingly, if T212 offered in-specie ISA transfers would you consider an ISA with T212 in the future?

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Your friends should check their sources. Zero commission brokers in the UK don’t offer in-specie transfers (I hope Trading 212 will be the first to offer it). Freetrade and eToro also don’t support in-specie transfers, with eToro you can’t have an ISA at all.


Fidelity - on a deal I get 0.25% platform fee, and I like choice so plenty funds on there.

I would happily switch to Investment Trusts and ETF’s if there was a low cost option. So yes I would move it to 212 or otherwise if they offered stock transfers, depending on fee.

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Freetrade support them in - as long as everything you want to transfer is available already in their universe. They do not offer in-specie out at all.

Sure 212 won’t mind but I was offered a spot to test their in-specie transfer pre-covid and Freetrade put the breaks on it and refused to co-operate. 212 have since shelved development whilst they work on other features / scaling.


Hey @mani212 :wave:,

In-specie transfers are indeed part of our future plans, yet we are not able to confirm ETA. We’ll keep you posted.


Thanks @Bogi.H that’s great news. It’s a shame there isn’t an ETA.

Do T212 generally have a roadmap of sorts that can be shared with their customers?? If not, that’s probably something you could easily introduce that would answer a lot of queries on this forum…


Take a look at this post last year from T212 saying in spec transfers should be available last year. We have been waiting a long time for this… Also the road map always seems to be a secret and we are never told what is coming next (probably since they kept saying things that never happened so now they keep quiet)

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Hey @mani212 :wave:,

When it comes to new features, the situation is dynamic as priorities might change (e.g. scalability improvements in the last months). We strive to give you updates in the respective feature request topics as long as such are available.

Nevertheless, we appreciate the interest and we will discuss further the options.


@Bogi.H I’ve been following the threas on this topic in the user forums since Q3 2020 was the ETA. First of all, thank you for finally reinstating the ability to create community accounts, I’ve been locked out for way to long! I just wanted to re-emphasise how much this feature means for consumer choice and credibility of Trading212, an otherwise great platform.

Please do let us know how we can accelerate this process or otherwise pay a fee to perform such a transfer as a one-time occurrence.

Looking forward to your reply and wish you all the best!


Please vote for the feature over on this poll: Most Wanted Features Poll 2022

Please vote for in-specie transfers over on this poll: Most Wanted Features Poll 2022

This is just an unofficial member consensus, i don’t know how much influence it will actually have on T212 or their plans, as Bogi.H has stated above.

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As much as I would like to see this too, I don’t think they paused it on purpose. Look at the growth / instability of the platform late 2020/early 2021 that has now been resolved(touchwood).

I would hope it’s simply their focus was diverted to BAU activities and bringing them back up to scratch before additional service features are added.


Is in-specie even possible for fractional shares?

Presumably people are expecting only full share to be transfered and the rest to be liquidated?