Increasing App screen space

Maybe the nicely highlighted Buy/Sell buttons at the top of the screen are quite enough and the the extra two further down are unnecessary duplication, for the sake of a flick down when wanting to action a transaction…


Appreciate the suggestion, @Ldak - I’ve passed it on for consideration.

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Where are these extra two buttons? Screenshot please.

scroll down and you will see.

I don’t have these either. I’d assume this is an AB test of some form

Hm, could be. Or @Ldak and @Macro are talking about the CFD account?

If you don’t own a share, you only see a Buy button at the top.

If you own a share, you’ll see a Buy and Sell button at the top and a Sell and Buy More button in the Your Investment section

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Not clever enough to use CFDs, visible in Invest and ISA elements

Think you’re in a test - I don’t have that.

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I’m running vanilla app version 5.97.0 on Android. It’s the same on the latest 5.100.0

I meant the same on the latest app version 5.107.0

I have the same. Have to admit my mind just ignores them. You’re right, they’re not necessary.


Ah might it be that my stocks are in pies?

Are yours ?

Can confirm this is the case

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