Features that I would like to see in the new web app

Hi, I have a couple of features that I would like you to add to your platform to make the transition from Tradingview totally painless.

1 Having the possibility to stack two indicators on top of each other. In addition to saving space on the monitor this makes their analysis much easier.

2 Add an indicator for automatically calculate the divergence at least for the RSI.

3 Ability to see the percentage change when the trade box view is in list mode. I could definitely use the standard mode present in the platform to solve this problem, but even using a 32 inch monitor I am limited to see a maximum of 7. Using the method I recommend instead I would be able to see at least twice as much.

4 Add the possibility to insert the color Hex code as well as to change the opacity of a color. This functionality would become important if you add the possibility to stack two indicators.

5 Add a shortcut for panning when the crosshair mode is selected. I personally recommend something like middle click or space bar.

6 Possibility to see the SL and the TP inserted in the graph also in Investing mode. Limited to CFD mode at the moment.

I have taken the liberty to illustrate a couple of the functions I listed (except for No. 5 and 6) to make them easier to understand since my English is not really the best.