Indian companies?

Is it actually possible to add companies from India such as Reliance Industries Limited?? If not then it saves me filling up the page with suggestions.


It’s not possible at the moment.

I’d like to see some suggestions and thoughts on each ticker if you get chance to jot them down.


(NSE: RELIANCE) Large Indian conglomerate, owns Jio, India’s largest mobile network operator.

(NSE: TCS) World’s largest IT service provider, said to be innovative.

(NSE: INFY) Second-largest Indian IT company and winner of many awards.

(NSE: KOTAKBANK) Second largest Indian bank and seems to be growing quickly.

These are quite well established companies but there will of course be others with even more opportunity for growth. It’s a country I’d like to keep an eye on, shame we can’t access their shares.

@JJ_1989 If you don’t mind me asking as you are interested in the Indian market, what is your view on Eros International as an investment?

Well the stock price has dropped considerably the last few years so may be a good time to get in if you feel they’ll do well going forward. I believe they’re involved in streaming services which may help during these Covid times, however, I think India has Netflix as well. They also have some big partnerships, though I’m not sure how much that will really be of benefit to them, as I’ve read some things about them having accounting irregularities, which is concerning. It’s something that may be worth taking a punt at but for me it’s a little too risky. I’m not an experienced investor tbh but if I was ever going to risk money it’d be on innovation like Tesla, or genomics. Which to some analysts isn’t even a risk. Potential upside with those companies is also large.

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I would do some serious DD on Eros before investing. Which is good practice for all your potential investments but there are obviously safer companies where you could get away with doing less. This is not one of those companies imo.

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Thanks for your information. I agree with you that it is a risky punt and you are also right in that they have been accused of financial irregularities by research firms in the past.

I actually bought some bonds from them which are due to end next year. But was thinking of buying their shares with the money from the bonds.

Especially as having some Indian friends who spend alot of time watching Indian films and TV. Not sure if Netflix has the same amount of localised content or film library as Eros.