Growth stock opinion?

Hi guys,
What company would you suggest as a growth company
From my research, Airbus, AmD, first solar, Spotify, baba are growth stocks.
Any view?

Airbus? Really.

Depends how much growth you want.

I think the ones you’ve mentioned you’ve missed the boat.

Boohoo might still have some going yet, I think KAZ has good potential but I’m more interested in value stocks so I’m probably not the best to listen too.

I still see beyond meat BYND as a growth stock but again it depends on your appetite for risk. Excuse the pun!

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I still believe Airbus has a potential to grow. OK the COVID has screwed the airlines but still, COVID wont last forever and they are doing lots of R&D as well as the French gov will provide around 1Bn Euros for the development on their new environmental project.

True depends how much meat is left on the bone and how hungry you are :wink:

Patience is key. We should not expect to make huge capital gain in 1 month plus I don’t have the cash to put to obtain huge gain.
Point of view on Teladoc and Crowdstrike?

Might depend on the investment timeframe and expected growth

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TSLA is still the best in the long run.

That is what I believe as well. Timeframe quite long 5 - 10 years



I don’t believe in Tesla, sorry.
Look at VW which makes more sales than Tesla and valued less than Tesla but VW has a better future because all the holdings that VW have will also go “Green” and they are already building their own electric car. Tesla was there first ok but I don’t think its amazing. My point of view

I have tele doc as well as the company it is merging with Livongo. They will become a massive company and together will become almost a one stop shop in their specific market so I believe great potential.

Crowdstrike I think is similar in as much as provides a one stop solution but I have not really looked at it that much despite the hype around it.

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Pinterest - they recorded over 600k users signing up on the 21st September, a record for them I think, and have joined up with Shopify to drive further revenue.

Associated British Foods - an unlikely one. They have some good brands, but an outlier is Primark. In a year or so I can see them offloading this to focus on their other food orientated products, returning a nice payoff for investors. I’m still thinking on this one. Their core NAV is forecast to be down 10% from last year, and so is the SP on average so still weighing this one up.

I’m wondering how long till Google gets pissed off with pinterest making Google image results useless and ends up finding a way to side step them